Recognized Industry Leader

United Source One (US1) is a recognized leader in the export of high quality American beef and food products to the Middle East and around the globe.

We support the rapidly expanding needs of America’s most popular restaurant chains worldwide and fine dining establishments throughout the Middle East.

US1 provides award-winning service, the highest quality products and an extensive choice of suppliers. US1 is proud to hold the title of America’s Certified Angus Beef Top Five Exporter of the Year for the last decade.

Global Food Service Management

We provide customized, all-inclusive food service management support to our clients from procurement to delivery.

US1 ensures that all products in its food service chain meet the highest safety standards of both the United States and importing countries.

Our team of experts navigate the complex legal, customs, cultural and language requirements required to move your products from the United States to your destination swiftly and seamlessly.

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